Cloud Manufacturing

Supplier partners across the country operate at ~60% capacities. Illuminating available capacity of audited and QC-certified supplier partners, we get quality precision parts manufactured and supplied to the assembly line ensuring faster product development and 100% OTIF. Our quality management systems ensure no defective part ever reaches the assembly line.

Dynamic Fulfilment

Through our 'Always ON' fulfilment network of ISO certified warehouses strategically spanning in 9 locations PAN India, we ensure that our customers receive material on time and in full, providing complete visibility on real time inventory and in-transit material . This also helps in better inventory management at the customer end.

Reliable Quality

Committed to ensure the best quality standards in each delivery to our customers, CAPGRID offers traceability along the entire value chain. Quality traceability ensures accountability and transparency throughout the production process, enabling to track the origin and journey of every product component. By maintaining meticulous records, analytics and implementing robust tracking systems, CAPGRID upholds quality standards, identifies issues promptly, and enhances customer satisfaction and trust.

Nearshore Warehousing

Proximity of CAPGRID warehouses to the customer factories means materials can be readily available, allowing for faster response times and reduced lead times for production. This can be particularly beneficial for On Time In Full (OTIF) deliveries so that the line never stops.

Advantage Tech

We have digitised the sourcing, procurement and quality value chain right from customer demand scheduling to procurement, sourcing, quality and delivery. We enhance customer’s experience through real-time control tower view of sourcing and procurement that provide visibility and illuminate critical metrics till the last leg of the supply chain. Our proprietary sourcing tech helps in illuminating supplier capabilities and sourcing the best quality and cost parts.

Trusted Manufacturing Ecosystem

CAPGRID's vast network of supply partners forms a dynamic ecosystem of cloud-based manufacturers. This ensures that you have access to the most suitable partners, offering capabilities that align with your unique requirements.